Real Estate Fraud

Real Estate Fraud has a profound effect on millions of people each year. There are many common forms of Real Estate Fraud including Fictitious Loans, Builder Bailouts, Refinance Fraud and more. Below, we’ve put a spotlight on some of these scams while providing insight on how to identify and avoid such real estate fraud scenarios.

To sum up, the best prevention is research. Perform in-depth background checks on the property as well as all parties involved to ensure that everything matches up. Even more so, it’s important to look for the red flags including inconsistent documentation which includes deletions and other alterations. Other red flags include violent spikes and falls in pricing and excessive fees and commission. If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud, report to us and get connected with data and funds recovery experts for solutions.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is an illegal scheme which uses acts of deception to acquire assets from financial institutions. Above all, Bank fraud is unethical, and in most cases, considered to be a criminal act. One of the most prominent bank fraud tactics includes the use of fraudulent checks. This includes but is not limited to the modifying or altering of checks as well as a form of check fraud known as check kiting. Check kiting is when fraudsters attempt to take advantages of banking policies related to the “Bank’s float”.

Bank Fraud has resulted in millions of dollars lost for victims. For nearly a decade, Global Elite Recovery has been a leader in asset and fund recovery and can help you get the relief that you need through the aid of top certified cybersecurity experts.

Credit Card Scams

Credit card scams take on many different shapes and sizes. However, the fundamental objective of these schemes never changes. These innovative scams are designed to steal your personal information and use your assets at the scammer discretion.

Gas stations, ATM machines and self-checkout lanes at your local grocery are all hotspots for this illegal activity. Specifically, scammers place these “skimming” machines over existing terminals as a means of capturing credit card information. Because these resources garner little attention, scammers have taken advantage of these outlets. Handheld skimming machines are used in restaurant settings to steal information from a credit card. Once a credit card has been scanned, they can be used to make fake credit cards as well as make illegal charges on a victim credit card. The best way to prevent these fraudulent acts is to regularly check your accounting information.

Land Investment Scams

Investing in land opportunities could be a very lucrative venture for many investors. The objective with investing in land development is strictly profit. Eager investors continually seek opportunities in land options that can generate high profit margins once the plot of land is resold to property developers.

Land development scams have become more pronounced recently because of relevant changes in law and policies which governs such transactions. Shady companies have taken advantage of this by buying big plots of undeveloped and undesired land and then using shady sales tactics to drop the land on inexperienced and unsuspecting investors. Ultimately, the company receives enormous profits, while the investor is left with plots of worthless land.

These scammers may use fictitious transactions and documents to try to convince the investor to purchase. Ultimately, for the investor, the deal seems too good to pass up and they go through with the deal. Only then do they realize that the property is not what was advertised. The land is often far away from communities, have no general road access and may not even qualify for planning permissions.

Believe it or not, a lot of these types of deals happen very often. When investors get blinded by the bottom line without doing their due diligence by researching the area, the land as well as the company, these things happen quite often. Also, keep in mind that these investments may be side investments for most of these individuals. They lower their guard and become too trusting. To sum up, always do proper research before committing to anything. If you feel that you have been a victim of this fraud, please contact our recovery specialists for a no obligation, free consultation today.

Inheritance Scam

The primary objective associated with Inheritance scams is to gain access to funds as well as personal information such as banking and credit card information.

This elaborate scam tricks the victim into thinking that they have an open inheritance claim and that they are legally entitled to it. In some cases, the scammer may state that the victim is unrelated to the person with the inheritance but since they share the same last name, the victim can qualify for a significant portion of the inheritance.

The scammer may play the role of an attorney, advisor or banking official to further legitimize this scam. This sophisticated scheme starts to take form when the scammer starts making claims about government regulations as well as bank and government related taxes and fees. They will further state that the only way to claim the inheritance will be to pay these high applicable fees and service charges associated with the claim.

Above all, these scammers are extremely crafty. They may already possess personal information of the intended victim from a previous bout of identity theft and try to use that to further convince the victim of the legitimacy of the claim. They are also known to set up and stage meets with other people posing as bankers or government officials. Again, they are looking for the victim to make these fake payments in order to receive this fictitious claim. However, there is no claim and the subjects are left with nothing.

Gold Trade Scams

Gold continues to be a steady investment option for many. With gold prices continuing to rise, the marketplace has seen a rise in gold related trading scams over the past few years.

Gold trading scams normally center around con artists who strategically look to take advantage of an unpredictable economic climate. This investment trading scheme lures unsuspecting victims into thinking that they are trading gold. Certainly, this is not the case.

These savvy scammers normally play the role of an investment consultant who has insider information that could help the victim make millions. The premise of this gold trade scam is to establish trust with the victims so that they willfully authorize these “investment consultants” to trade on their behalf. Even more so, they would instruct these victims to give them their banking information including passwords and pins to facilitate these trades.

Ultimately, it opens up consumers to become a victim of fraud and identity theft. Do not become a victim. There are professionals who specialize in exclusive recovery services that can help clients during these times of need. Talk to an expert at Global Elite Recovery today.

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