Investment Fraud/Scams

Investment Fraud/Scams

Binary Options Scams

Binary Options scams are sophisticated trading scams centered around asset price movement. Above all, Binary trading options involves anticipating and predicting the movements of specific assets, commodities as well as index prices. These scammers strategically lure potential investors into investing into shady and fraudulent trading accounts by promising guaranteed profits.

Most noteworthy, Binary Trading options are speculative at best. Because of the high volatility associated with Binary trading options, there are no guarantees. In short, Binary Trading options are high risk assets that are nearly impossible to predict. Yet, these scammers continually claim simplicity and the opportunity to make easy money. Because of this, investors become infatuated with the idea of easy money. Scammers actively take advantage of this vulnerability and proceed to deceive investors with deception, lies and other techniques that we’ve highlighted below.

How this scam works:

First of all, scammers look to legitimize their business by having a flashy new website equipped with a client login as well as a basic trading platform. Secondly, they then direct these potential investors to register and add money to their accounts. Almost immediately, the scammer looks to fulfill their claims of guaranteed profits by recommending specific trades to generate action. Ultimately, this is just a ploy to legitimize the scheme so that the investor will add even more money into their account.

Eventually, money and assets will begin to decline rapidly. Scammers will prevent investors from pulling out their assets until their money is gone. By this point, the fraudulent firm has been dissolved and the investor has lost everything.

The most important thing that you can do if you have been a victim of this fraud and accrued serious losses of assets and funds, is to contact certified professionals who specialize in the recovery of funds and data. There is no better company than Global Elite Recovery, who have been in business for nearly a decade, helping clients with professional recovery services.

Forex Investment Scams

The Forex market is one of the most prestigious financial markets in the world, amassing over five trillion dollars in trades daily. The financial gains associated with forex investments are massive. Because of the immense opportunities associated with these lucrative investments, many more novice and uneducated investors are testing the waters. Above all, Forex investments require ample training and clear and concise understanding of risk management techniques. Without such training and experience, investors can fall prey to opportunistic scammers. This is one of the main reasons why the marketplace has seen a steep increase in the amount of Forex Investment Scams.

These Forex Investment Scams can take many different forms. Many of these scams follow the same prototypical approach of promising professional management from a highly skilled forex trader. Also, these savvy scammers use shady sales tactics like the promising of huge returns in a short amount of time.

Ultimately, the premise for these scams includes the investor giving up total control of their assets to these scammers. Once the investor relinquishes control, the scammer takes everything. And, because the fraudulent company was based on fictitious websites and brochures, the likelihood of recouping assets from these unregulated entities is next to impossible.

Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrencies Scams are now among the SEC’s top enforcement priorities. One of the most notable cryptocurrency scams getting some extra attention are scams associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ICOs represent a way for a new company to generate and raise capital. Also, ICOs have helped pave a way for new block chain-based companies to enter the market place with fresh and innovative ideas. These new blockchains can be very profitable. However, they are extremely risky.

Here are some of the more popular tactics and methods ICO scammers are implementing to separate clients from their bitcoins:

  • Fake Websites – Essentially, scammers are creating fake websites that look identical to official ICOs. The purpose of this is to lure investors into a false sense of security and have them deposit funds using these fake websites. Obviously, once deposited, the funds disappear.
  • ICO Exit scams – The purpose here is to create the illusion of legitimacy. Scammers will promote an interesting and catchy idea will no intention of acting on it. The purpose here is to generate enough interest and capital at the beginning and take off with the investments. These fraudulent entities have been accused of misleading their investors about products, associates and team members. This scam includes attempting to boost capital by falsifying relationships and assets to make it seem as if the ICO is backed by some heavy hitters and is thriving because of it.

ICOs can be very advantageous for a trader and investor. However, its important that investors do their due diligence before deciding to proceed with a new block chain. Some best practices include avoid being pressured into something that you are unsure of. Scammers use gimmicks and ploys to put people in pressured spots to force them to make untimely decisions.

To sum up, consumers have lost a ton of assets because of these cryptocurrency scams and have found it extremely hard to recoup their assets. If you find yourself in this position and need help and assistance, you are just at the right place to get the help you need. Global Elite Recovery boasts of some of the best investigators and asset recovery agents in the world and have the experience to help you with your recovery efforts.

Ponzi Schemes

A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud which promises to generate high returns and profits with little to no risk. However, these schemes fail to live up to their lofty billing in a big way. First of all, these savvy fraudsters never make any investments with the assets. Instead, Ponzi Schemes involves paying current investors with funds generated from new investors. Secondly, for Ponzi schemes to truly work, there must be a constant flow of new investors. However, this is almost never the case. Once the recruitment of new investors slows down, these once lucrative Ponzi schemes tend to collapse and come to their eventual demise.

Ponzi Scheme Red Flags

Most noteworthy, there are never any authentic profits being generated with a Ponzi scheme. The early adopters are getting their returns from new investors and that same cycle continues for every new participant. Also, most importantly, there are many strategies and vehicles associated with Ponzi schemes. Some of which are legitimate. However, as an investor, it’s extremely important to pay attention to the warning signs to avoid becoming a victim of this fraud. Here are some examples of what to look for:

  • Ridiculous Guarantees – Avoid investment opportunities promoting guarantees. Above all, there are very little guarantees in investing. Be very skeptical of these ploys that highlight high returns with no risk.
  • Unregistered Firms – Most noteworthy, most of these Ponzi schemes involve unregistered firms and unlicensed agents.
  • Withholding of Funds – Scammers will try every technique to avoid having an investor cash out including promising higher returns if the investor rolls over their assets.
  • Consistent Returns – While consistent returns may sound good, ultimately it is extremely suspicious. There should be signs of some fluctuations in your investment. Be very vary of receiving consistent returns.

To sum up, a Ponzi scheme is very similar to that of a pyramid scheme except a Ponzi scheme involves only one entity at the top of the food chain. In contrast, a pyramid scheme branches out into different hubs with each hub taking on its own investment opportunity. To avoid losing your money with Ponzi schemes, ask questions pertaining to the short term and long-term goals of the company that you are investing in. Once you compile answers and feedback, it’s advised to conduct your own research on the product or service to establish legitimacy in your potential investment.

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