What We Do?

Some of the recovery and security services we provide include:

We Are Global Elite Recovery

Global Elite Recovery Group was founded in 2012 to provide cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations.

We have been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity operations leaders, and excel in complex, multi-technology environments. We have expertise in comprehensive security services including Managed Security Services (Threat Detection, Security Technology Engineering) & Professional Services (Advisory Services, Fund Recovery services, Identity Investigation Services, Threat Management & Incident Response).

Global Elite Recovery group has offices and Security Operations Centers in Switzerland and China.

With privacy becoming a growing concern and malware attacks on the rise, it is imperative to stay vigilant and hire top professionals for quality cyber security service.

To reduce the vulnerability of the digital space and combat cyber fraud and attacks by implementing defense systems that neutralise existing and advanced threats.

We grow and establish ourselves as a reputable cyberdefense outfit that produces advanced tecnology to neutralize, damage and destroy hostile attacks from organized agents.

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How We Work?

Free Consultation

Losing money or data is never a pleasant experience, and we are prepared to extend a supportive gesture by catering for the first step involved in getting your funds and data recovered. At Global Elite Recovery, we care about our clients' security and well-being. Get a free consultation today.

Organizing and Logging Claim Materials

Documents submitted by our clients, containing all forms of communication between them and the fraudulent company in question, ensure that we achieve our goal of getting your funds recovered. We request total transparency from our clients in detailing all information about, e.g. screenshots, or documented unusual behavior, and personal documents which include proof of payment (POPs), questionnaire, testimonial, I.D, and credit card statements or cryptocurrency wallet transaction histories.

Human & Cyber Intelligence

There is only so much you can learn online, so we extend our services to gathering information with the use of informants and artificial intelligence mechanisms. Human intelligence operates in jurisdictions close to the fraudulent company in question. They reveal the real information about these companies to us with signed affidavits showing us exactly how they manage to defraud helpless victims.

Cyber intelligence unit analyzes the information gathered from logged claim materials and human intelligence efforts to propose the most appropriate action to take.

Asset Tracking and Recovery

After an initial assessment of the situation, we provide state of the art solutions in terms of stealth investigative and recovery measures. For good enough reasons, our assets tracking methods are keep discreet and cannot be displayed online. Global Elite Recovery preserves a nearly faultless recovery success rate since inception in 2012.

Feedback Survey

Our services revolve around our clients/customers and their experiences. We encourage all our clients to give us a feedback on their transactions with us. At Global Elite Recovery, we run an open door policy and we’re making significant efforts to daily provide our clients with positive experience and happy endings.

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